Saturday, 11 November 2006

Uncommon Misconception

You don't know, do you?
I mean, you try to understand but
I know it can't be easy. Can it?

Try looking at it from my point-
Broken, useless and unforgiving,
I am different, I know that
But I wish everyday it wasn't so.

I can't help but dwell on it,
I'm allowed to feel sorry as I
Sit alone, unable to share or do the same,
It's hard for me to stay happy.
I feel sorry for my face- it can't be what it wants- what you want.

And yet... there's still so much more
I can try, discover.
Parts may be faulty but that doesn't mean the finished product is damaged.
Does it?


Anonymous said...

this is such a beautiful and thoughtful poem. We love you and ur poems. Luv Charlie and Clair

Anonymous said...

Can you teach Clair how to write poetry like that!!! From Clair's mum