Thursday, 7 June 2007

Words Cannot Describe

Crying skies and a howling road
The warmth of you hand against the chill of the storm
If this is a nightmare, I can't imagine dreams,
If this is a dream, I don't want to wake up
Shadows lit by camera flashes
A cheek against mine
A lone violin to play forever
And a man with an umbrella that doesn't stop the rain
A child with blue eyes that reflect us
Together on a dark night
In a hushed crowd of hundreds
I only feel safe with you
And I know you feel the same
Please understand that the tears that fall
Are not caused by a mortal pain
Only a longing to lie in bliss.

The Funeral's Over

I sit and try to swallow
But you're stuck in my throat

I choke.

This is killing me- but not before I destroyed you
Understand that I only shudder
Because I hate what I've become
'Please yourself' to 'please don't touch'
This railroad car crash is not enough
I'm not sure if I'll feel fine tomorrow.
The sun never rose- since you cried.
Your tears soaked my pillow and I truly died
I'm not good; the reason behind the frowns
I wish I could make you smile, but I wouldn't know where to start
I taste you on my tongue
I feel you on my fingertips
I smell you in my hair
It takes a lightbulb and a tear drop of blood
To remind me you're not there.