Saturday, 16 December 2006

Photo Album

4 years ago you smiled and stared,
Under the soft Christmas lights,
Snowflakes peppered those butterfly lashes,
Stroking my cheek as we danced,
Bathed in fairy glow.

3 years ago we held hands and sighed,
As amber dewdrops glistened and sunk,
Underneath the horizon of our lives,
Stretching out into a dark infinity.

2 years ago you posed, poised and pretty,
Your laughter echoed to the stars,
No one could bury what we had,
A colour photogarph from a true life fairytale,
Was ours to keep.

This year I cut and paste
Colourful facades on grey limbs
Silver days embedded into ruby weeks
And a golden year once more.

Friday, 15 December 2006

Baby Two

To make someone so happy,
With a love so deep and true,
A face lights up with a mentioned name,
She’s so in love with you.

We share a common interest,
In this girl we love so much,
But the happiness you give to her,
Achieved with just a touch.

Thank you for making such a difference,
And making her life a whole
You’re part of her as she is you,
Two halves of a shared soul.

Monday, 11 December 2006

Embryonic Love

You're swollen, tired, fit to burst,
You're upset and frustrated with this weight we create,
I wish I had apologised then,
But I had no lips
To speak with
And no knowledge
Outside your loving hold.
Safe and warm, now I've escaped,
I still feel this way,
Protected- inside and out,
Loved before I controlled you,
Wanted before I existed.

Find It Funny: In It For The Money

I scare people who have never seen me,
Just by walking, touching, moving.
Well; sort of.
Walking around unknown houses,
Touching precious things,
Moving in the places you thought you knew so well,

Oh yes, I'm going straight to hell.

But... not before I've had my fun,
And after I've left my mark, without a trace,
Of who I am, who I was.
They will talk; the phantom theif,
The stealing spectre. Headlined and Headhunted,
If you won't sell then- "I'll take it!"
Such a bargain, fetch a pretty price,
One man's treasure.. now it's mine.
Where are my manners?
I forgot to close the door behind me.

Cold Cereal and Dry Toast

Grey day misery,
Rain clouds frown,
Streelamp optimism;
It flickers and dies.
Monday mornings drag
On a limp cigarette,
A cup of cold coffee
And a starbucks fizz.
Bus wheels revolve,
Around this dank, dismal day,
Clock in, clock out,
Same old same new,
Borrowed time,
Overdraft theory,
As the day begins.... again.

Sunday, 10 December 2006

It's Tough To Win, But Even Tougher To Lose

I can't believe I lost sleep over your face,
Your lips, eyes, hair, hands...
Here I go again.
I dreamt you with me whilst awake;
Conciously unconcious,
Staring at the ceiling- you'd smile back down,
A tongue in my mouth,
A truth in one ear, a lie in the other,
Hands on my hips, mine, not yours,
Get up, get out. I'm sorry, too slow,
Hints and looks- why did you never catch on?
I laugh to think I cried
Over you over me,
Subtle stupidity, I only blush the once,
I now dream of another,
Apologies darling, you didn't jump high enough,
You could kill me with one look,
Not now though.
Closed Eyes. Closed Mind.

Closed Book.

Saturday, 9 December 2006

Little Girl Lost

Neon opportunites, broken pavement rules,
Takeaway ambitions, grimy bedsit love,
Scented competition, subway achievements,
The payroll timetable, waiting for promotions,
For days in the freezing cold,
Huddled on a metal bench,
Your routine has got so old.
Paper bag grades, recycled results,
Stomped puddle happiness,
Trudging to drudgery- seedy acceptance,
A feather boa drips from a suitcase,
Little Girl Lost has to learn her place.
Sequined rain pours and drenches the
Office block boredom in glitter. gold. garish. gaudy.
Flashbulb adoration, newsprint poison,
They love, they hate, they obsess, they forget.
A nicotine stained whisper, rumour,
A faded lipstick print on his collar;
Little Girl Lost.