Sunday, 10 December 2006

It's Tough To Win, But Even Tougher To Lose

I can't believe I lost sleep over your face,
Your lips, eyes, hair, hands...
Here I go again.
I dreamt you with me whilst awake;
Conciously unconcious,
Staring at the ceiling- you'd smile back down,
A tongue in my mouth,
A truth in one ear, a lie in the other,
Hands on my hips, mine, not yours,
Get up, get out. I'm sorry, too slow,
Hints and looks- why did you never catch on?
I laugh to think I cried
Over you over me,
Subtle stupidity, I only blush the once,
I now dream of another,
Apologies darling, you didn't jump high enough,
You could kill me with one look,
Not now though.
Closed Eyes. Closed Mind.

Closed Book.

1 comment:

Ellen said...

tee hee i no wt its about!! lol

lv u huni xxxxxxxx