Saturday, 9 December 2006

Little Girl Lost

Neon opportunites, broken pavement rules,
Takeaway ambitions, grimy bedsit love,
Scented competition, subway achievements,
The payroll timetable, waiting for promotions,
For days in the freezing cold,
Huddled on a metal bench,
Your routine has got so old.
Paper bag grades, recycled results,
Stomped puddle happiness,
Trudging to drudgery- seedy acceptance,
A feather boa drips from a suitcase,
Little Girl Lost has to learn her place.
Sequined rain pours and drenches the
Office block boredom in glitter. gold. garish. gaudy.
Flashbulb adoration, newsprint poison,
They love, they hate, they obsess, they forget.
A nicotine stained whisper, rumour,
A faded lipstick print on his collar;
Little Girl Lost.

1 comment:

Lizzie said...

Heya Vicci

Really liked your poem it really made me think how someone can be lost from the limelight or someones memory in an instant.

i love your ablilty to write i wish i had it because this was brillient.

loads of love

your favourite sis