Thursday, 19 April 2007

Sit Still & Listen

The two men saunter past
Bright sun, loud voices and clothes
An insight into another's life
A snippet-intriguing-no more.
" lawyer says..."
And there it ends- a flash of a back end of a bus
Too far to hear- would it be worth it?
Something to ponder for an hour or 3
Criminal or hero? Newspaper delight
Then again another
To eavesdrop it a nasty phrase
We chance to hear
How to carry with a coffin? comes the cry
A shame; a suit for a funeral for a friend?
My mind reaches out and I feel
Not sad how many more?
Windows; the curtains shut on thsee two
Traffic interrupts a constant flow
This is city life not just one
A million to see, hear, feel
But only mine to lead.

Ears Bleed, Eyes Plead: Just What They Need

A community defying the ignorant rumours
An army- fighting fighting for acceptance but not waiting for a win
A procession; marching arm in arm
Black decadence, dyed and painted
But not fake
Hearts bleeding, broken but true
Lives lived with a sole purpose
Worship. Adoration.
Shadowed parade- smiles not frowns
A dance not to end
Strangers touch hands become torn friends
Beating in time with a sound so pure
A scream, shout, preach and give them the cure
No thoughts of blades or pills
Lights fire and smoke but not in hell tonight
A loyal dedicated heaven
Where the outcast finally belong
With one proud voice uprising in song.

Inanimate Objects Have Too Much Time On Their Hands

The red paint flakes and wheels rust
The lone trike stares; saddening solidarity
It wishes and wonders- no friends
Left in the Scottish sun
The lights change and my face
Pressed against the cold, cold glass
Moves on and I smile goodbye
The journey begins and the trike yearns
To travel too; I can tell
Another road for me
Green gold glad- a different place
But family familiar
We rumble and trundle
Bass pumping vibrating to bypass boredom
Traffic cone lyrics flash past the melody
Takes a turn
An new road- track 3 to 4
The trike never lived a life like this
I smile and sigh as the sun blesses the car with a kiss.

Monday, 16 April 2007

I'm The Same Person I Was Yesterday, I'm Just Not Breathing

I gave up on this long ago
Tell me if it's really so
I can't remeber if it was real
Let me know how you truly feel

I believed this would never cause me pain
But here I am, in the pouring rain
Blank stares, hate over hearts collide
As I see you now- immortal suicide

The candle flicker, eyes as fire
You were my one secret wicked desire
Sit in the dark; don't love light
try to foget stubborn soul trys to fight

So please put me out of my misery
Because hands cut and torn are all I see
Am I blind? Was it never here?
was I dreaming? reality. My greatest fear.

A Wine Glass Half Full

A diamond bright shining light
Helps others on their way
A manicured hand outstretched
Always there to hold- a tight grip in a tight spot
A lipstick smile to pull friends up
But who touches you?
Who supports a weakened frame
And whose hand supports a dying flame?
It's your time to watch the sun
And realise as it sets
A life no longer empty lays sadness to sleep
You are a heart to keep
The cliched road may look dark
But a lonely hitch-hiker
With a smile and a samaritan driver
Can travel to his final destination
We are here and you are not alone
Thoughts hearts and minds
turn not to what you can do for them
Finally- what they can do for you.