Thursday, 19 April 2007

Sit Still & Listen

The two men saunter past
Bright sun, loud voices and clothes
An insight into another's life
A snippet-intriguing-no more.
" lawyer says..."
And there it ends- a flash of a back end of a bus
Too far to hear- would it be worth it?
Something to ponder for an hour or 3
Criminal or hero? Newspaper delight
Then again another
To eavesdrop it a nasty phrase
We chance to hear
How to carry with a coffin? comes the cry
A shame; a suit for a funeral for a friend?
My mind reaches out and I feel
Not sad how many more?
Windows; the curtains shut on thsee two
Traffic interrupts a constant flow
This is city life not just one
A million to see, hear, feel
But only mine to lead.

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