Monday, 22 January 2007

Evil Wears A White Dress; Hate A Lace Veil

This is a prequel to the poem Havisham by Carol Ann Duffy

Surrounded by well-wishers. Totally alone.
A white island admist a sea of black hearts and lies
They assure me, comforting words afflict great pain
Don’t touch me please, I can’t stand this

Waiting. And hoping. Swearing and cursing
Forgive me Father, please explain why
My confusion spirals up and away
Red chasing black chasing white chasing

Me. As I run far from that dreadful place
A church full of lovely hate, how I delight
In despising him; his whispers, his promises
He holds the pieces of my heart and
Closes his hands around, clasping cruelty
Never forgiven my love, I will never forget.

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Stereotypes Were Invented To Make The World Seem Less Confusing

But here's the truth:
Come a little closer
And I will whisper with my forked tongue,
And pour sulphur lies from the bottom of my black, black heart,
Sitting comfortably?
I must unravel this complicated life,
We have to escape this web of deceit,
Because the spider always has eight legs
And two faces.
One looks at what's really there,
The other blind,
Veiled lives lived undiscovered,
We can change this- voices were made to be heard
And eyes to be stared into.
Look beyond with them now and work it out.
We're clever enough to interrupt the flow,
Right now.

Thursday, 4 January 2007

Skin And Blister Is Quite The Wrong Description

Wrap your arms around me,
Make everything alright,
I return all that you ever, always need.
It's a special, different, similar moment,
We'll share our love, just us; together like you asked.

Dark brown toffee waterfall,
Cascades over shoulders and back,
Big round and beautiful eyes; plead docile dear,
There's no love delicious, that you lack.

At this place and in this heart, stopped with time,
I'm still learning to love and hold onto what I do,
I know that whatever the problem- sweet nothings,
You protect me caress, delightful, from the cold.

Sentimental Or Semi-Mental?

Where is that line that I drew in the sand?
With that sharpened stick that you passed,
Into my hands and through my body.
Have I stepped over it?
Because it disappeared with you.

The waves crash and lap at my feet,
A few steps to silence,
A couple of paces to peace,
The dark cliffs leer and loom,
And I'm lost.

Little lady, I let the wind stroke me
Like you used to, oh, why not now?
Salt water stings the gashes on my face,
Eyes have become weeping sores,
Hands transformed; wrecked palaces.

I wasn't good enough for you, so
I am no help to others, no comfort to anyone else,
More salt water cascading, fill my mouth, ears, nose, eyes,
Fill my lungs,

We breathe our last.

My Mother's Mother

A powdered cheek to kiss;
And a familiar lipstick smile.
Gives love without words,
Your open, delighted face is worth one thousand.
Trivialities, trials and tribulations
Never show on the outside,
Only happiness and care
Can radiate from those deep soul eyes.
Hands to hold are gnarled with age,
But the imprint of my palm,
Forever burnt onto yours.
As I’ve grown, so has your ability,
To smile and laugh and love;
Lifelong, lived, light-hearted,
Lavender coloured and scented,
A centrepiece of the family,
A masterful masterpiece,
Delightfully delirious with
Wonderful wisdom