Monday, 22 January 2007

Evil Wears A White Dress; Hate A Lace Veil

This is a prequel to the poem Havisham by Carol Ann Duffy

Surrounded by well-wishers. Totally alone.
A white island admist a sea of black hearts and lies
They assure me, comforting words afflict great pain
Don’t touch me please, I can’t stand this

Waiting. And hoping. Swearing and cursing
Forgive me Father, please explain why
My confusion spirals up and away
Red chasing black chasing white chasing

Me. As I run far from that dreadful place
A church full of lovely hate, how I delight
In despising him; his whispers, his promises
He holds the pieces of my heart and
Closes his hands around, clasping cruelty
Never forgiven my love, I will never forget.

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Noya said...

People should read this.