Monday, 19 March 2007

Posing To Tell The Real You & Me

A mirror, a necktie and a matching pout
Coloured wings
The amount of times youve picked me up
The strength lasts and the loves grows.. so yes
A reflection as true as a heart
Satin white and crystal clear
Hello, goodbye, forever here
Eternally grateful
And never jealous because leaving
Has never been a real parting
I touch your arm
And a response smiles clean
Another around embrace and hold
Tightly sure two together
A time forgotten by most
Seconds move on the world surroundings
Two souls
Never. Letting. Go.

Friday, 16 March 2007

HypoCritical In Hospital

One rule for them and another for
I will explain
Normality was never an option
Conformity cuts like a knife
I haven't had a chance to grow
The laughter creates a lifetime
That we'd rather not be in
I was comfortable with it. As if.
I don't need your approval
Stick to what you're good at
Carbon copies; catcalling clones
Poisonous puppets
No hard feelings- just lie still.