Monday, 13 November 2006

The Boy

People often ask me what happened and I always answer in the same way.
I smile knowingly and tap my nose- but I will tell you.
You will understand.
I was small, so small my Mother was the universe,
She let me play outside- the sun was a golden colour, like cake.
The pond outside provided refreshment as I saw and sang and saw him.
He was playing with a boat- I recognised it,
It was my Grandaddy's, Mother kept it on a shelf
I shouted but he did not hear so I ran and we played.
His clothes were funny- I told him but he shrugged,
Taking my small grubby paw in his and offering me a flower.
I was pretty he said and it made me blush.
I looked for a place to put it and went to thank him but he had gone.
With the boat, that made me angry and I cried.
Mother asked me why and I stared at the boat,
I stopped crying. Mother never asked again but I knew who he was.


Anonymous said...

Hey Vicci its me! lol - These poems are fantastic - you're very talented! I will speak to you soon.

Gemma xxx

Anonymous said...

Heylo! nice site vicci!
gongratz.... ur bro

Stephanie Silvester said...

Hi Vicci,

Amazing poems did not know you had it in you - you should be very proud of yourself.

Love Steph xxxx