Saturday, 18 November 2006

Peer Pressure

can u read mi mnd?
stck ere on mi own
no1 2 tlk 2- no fair
2 l8 m8, iv given up on lyf,
dnt try 2 hlp me
s'not gona wrk, ur games rnt funi,
nemore cos dis sux and i wnt 2 b far away frm ere.
do u wnt 2 cum wiv me?
it'll b soooooo mch fun,
take ths blade, carv ur nme
we'll b fmous
plz pck up da fone,
whre r u?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Heya vicci

i loved this poem it really hits home on waht someone can be feling because of bulling or something similar to that. i also love the way you encorperate the text language into it as well it acts as if someone is reading the messsage from a friend realising that it is too late too help.

Brillient stuff!!!!

loadsa luv from your best sis in the world