Sunday, 12 November 2006


Do you not think that a person, plain in appearance can be capable of terrible crimes?
It's true, it's true.
I sit in the corner and stay as I always am:
Unappreciated and ignored- except by him.
I can't catch his eye or else I'll fall, my inhibitions
Lost. My breath Snatched. My pulse,
Running for the finish line.
Nevertheless he carries on looking but I am sure he blongs to another,
Much fairer than me, is she. A peacock with eyes
As false as my indifference towards him, a heart as balck as the sky behind my weary head.
I chance to look up and I see into his soul.
A gap that has to be filled and I know who by.
I've gone, I'm dizzy- he approches and the world dissolves.
If my only crime is to love then, Your Honour, I plead guilty.

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