Sunday, 21 September 2008

Negative to Live

You bleach and preach
In uniformed lines they stagger and fall
The insane they love, on the 'mighty' they call
Fluttering butterflies of paper notes to loved ones
Melting words in puddles of stagnant apathy.
A sterilised germ cell family smile to see
Arian pure hospital corridors
And electric fences of latent anti love
Echoed cries and shattering bullts pierce the peace perfecting conformity
Oh strike those hearts and fly a flag
In blocks of racism and a rally standing proud.
Don't allow the pink or the yellow,
No stars or triangles- only Christ's cross.
Skewed and bloodstained ideology
Rubberstamped on minds and voices
A total breath of one and the stopping of a million others goes on.
To deny would to lie- to remember is to suffer
But to forgive is to forget- as it could never be.
Snow white justice for all to see was paraded in streets
As down below in the basement cellar
Fear reigned and tortured and knew
It creeped and controlled,
It came and made sure it never went.

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